An African Perspective

Angwi Elizabeth Wanye
Lernen & Nachschlagen

The fast growing population in Africa, with significant growth of the working population, shows that Africa needs entrepreneurs with new and innovative ideas to match this growing work force. There is sufficient land, labour and natural resources which, when used effectively, will yield profit and promote growth in many African nations. This book shows the compelling effort to mesh theory into practice. The information in this book compels the Africans to re-examine their environment and take action. It describes how to tailor your knowledge and develop your society, how to write down a good business plan and where to get funding for your business.

It is a practical guide for practitioners who provide counselling and planning services. It is also for pupils and students who want to develop their mind set. It is helpful for organizational development in different institutions. "Entrepreneurship: An African Perspective" is an easy to read book which demonstrates how you can transform your ideas into practice.