I Have a Dream

Scent of Roses of Life

Anna Roth
Lyrik & Poesie, Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe, Geschenkbücher

What is the hidden meaning of the scent of roses of life?
Does it really exist? Can we experience it?

Similar to her two already published poetry collections
with the title “Scent of Roses of Love”, Anna Roth again manages in a virtuoso manner to show a nuanced balance that exists between the life we experience, i. e. the reality itself which is usually shaded in gray and the beautiful things in life which we encounter, desire and never want to let go.

Thereby she constantly aims to lead us into a world of happiness, ideas and dreams, but also into a world of life challenges.

Behind this backdrop of a positive life style, the reflection on the Christian faith and the Christian philosophy, Anna Roth tries to sensitively stir the results of her thoughts into the dough of a life which is lived and filled with experience. Her wonderful and poetic rhymes reflect a wholeness of life.

Nothing remains masked. And it is precisely this wholeness of life that takes place between the two poles of positive and negative, whereby the author strives very hard to anchor the Christian faith to become a cornerstone of the bridge of life we all have to cross. She uses it to spice the dough of life, add taste to it in order to ensure that it also stimulates our imagination and helps us to positively shape and cope with our daily life.

A successful collection of poems which impresses both by its thematic diversity as well as and especially by its intellectual intensity.