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Annette Henne Rittenhouse

Annette Henne was born in Switzerland at the end of the Second World War. She is now retired and lives in Bali, Indonesia.
As a child Annette loved to act out different characters – and she was always an attentive listener to the experiences and stories of the people around her. Theatre and psychology naturally became part of her adult life and later she became a psychotherapist. In her practice, she was influenced by C.G. Jung's Analytical Psychology, J.L. Moreno's psychodrama, Native American teachings and Transpersonal Psychology. In 1986 Annette propitiously came upon Playback Theatre. It was like a magical door to an art form that offers the fascinating combination of playing, theatre, applied psychology and transpersonality that can be used to benefit humanity.
She was the one who brought Playback Theatre to German speaking Europe.