Homage to a Teacher

Selected Poems II

Anthony J. M. Brady
Lyrik & Poesie

I have walked the length of the - pictured - Dark Hedges: an avenue of impressive beech trees along a country road in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The poems offered here, are not rooted in one place, but spring from many inspiring sources. Their gestation has not been spaced within a determined period. They are the preserved product of a life time. Each poem has led to the creation of another. They flourished like leaves in an abundance of greenery and now I hope they provide the reader with an oasis of refreshing thoughts. Included here, are comments of appreciation on “Homage to a Teacher, Selected Poems 1”.

“Your poems of nature, the seasons and your sensitivity in choice of words makes things come alive. You don’t impose fine words on them as if to impress or overwhelm; instead you give them a voice, - their voice. And then at the right moment, subtly yet unobtrusively, you introduce your voice, which speaks an even deeper truth.” Pat Logan, London

"Your book of poems conveys a rare awareness and sensitivity, an awareness of a wider world reality than most see or experience. I love so many of them, but this morning, "Autumn Revelation" feels so much in touch with the rhythms of nature, and indeed the rhythms of life and death. You see the world with a sort of enlightened eye, I think." Inez McLeary, Scotland