"THE SHADOW FLYERS" von Arikpo Lawrence Omini


Arikpo Lawrence Omini
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

The world we live in is full of shadow people called Night Jumpers. And to be clear, no place is beyond their misty and indiscernible reach. They always lurk behind the veil to attack unsuspecting victims, and no one is safe from their dreadful hands. However, it will take the spine shuddering mystical experience of Ogbemudia, a young scholarship student sent to London, to study, to unravel this secret. Being close to his boss and mentor, he finds out hidden mysteries of life including the existence of an alternate universe that controls the material world. But his wildest discovery, was finding out that his mother, was the head of the coveline society, the most powerful shadow craft, east of the Niger. Bent on extorting from his son of his fortune to pay for a debt pact she made long ago, she traveled over to London to pay his son a visit through an otherworldly ancient mythical portal of transcendence. How could the combined efforts of this young man and his strange boss, stop her from ruining his life, while freeing the world from the mindless clutches of the Night Jumpers? Could the destiny of Benin people long trapped in the sublime machinations of ignorance be plucked out into the light of freedom and enlightenment? Could his new found forward thinking knowledge bring order and harmony to a polarized mercurial world?