Walking the Streets

B. Hernandez
Romane & Erzählungen

High demands are placed on every individual person not only by the current world situation, but by everyday life as well. Change has always been a component of mankind’s development, but the speed and intensity of this change has increased markedly. In a globalized, high-tech information or data society in which life has become fast, abstract and seemingly very individualized, while at the same time, values and other guidelines are disintegrating or leading to dead-ends, humanity can become frustrating.
"Walking the Streets" aims to lead readers along the path of reflection and a discussion of the currently predominant spirit of the times. The book does not claim to offer solutions or deeper insights but aspires to serve as a stimulus and recommendation to readers to take such a "walk" themselves.
One of these possible paths is illustrated by John. Thrown off balance by the departure of his friend, he is initially stimulated to reflect on himself. Inevitably, his thoughts then lead him away from himself as an individual and towards societal issues. The focus of the book is ultimately on the issue of blueprinting a life worth living. John's companions, Socrates and Joanna, represent the inner turmoil between logic and emotion during his walk through the streets (of life).