"Black holes - Supernovae" von Barbara Stein

Black holes - Supernovae

Fascinating picture story in the universe

Barbara Stein
Ab 12 Jahren, Naturwissenschaften & Technik

In 6 volumes which are complementary and interrelated, using humorous and exciting adventures in the universe, the latest scientifically proven findings are shown to encourage young readers and readers who are young at heart to become enthusiastic about a world which, thanks to scientific progress, has become more recognisable in many ways.

The creation and dying of stars and black holes and their collisions described in volume 4 definitely has a fascinating effect on teenagers to the same extent as the appearance of supernova and quasars in connection with the time space problematic and the theory of relativity.

Even the critical reference to evolution and the mostly cruel and stubborn "world of humans" are probably not particularly disconcerting to young readers, on the contrary they are more likely to be comprehensible and exciting.