"Nanoworlds" von Barbara Stein


Incredible picture story for young and old

Barbara Stein
Ab 12 Jahren, Naturwissenschaften & Technik

Humorous and exciting adventures which take place in the universe are told in 6 volumes which are complementary and interrelated. Many new scientifically proven findings are shown in the form of funny children's "textbooks" to encourage young readers to become enthusiastic about a world which, thanks to scientific progress, has become more recognisable in many ways.

In volume 5 ALIENNE, the extraterrestrial, shows her friends the so-called nano world or the world of dwarfs.

Wearing their super mini transmission raster neutrino telescope glasses they look at the world of atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks. Minute particles whizz uncontrollably back and forth and seem to be in different places at the same time. These many exciting innovations encourage young readers and make them curious, which is something they may never have experienced at school so far.