"Through the solar system to the Oort Cloud" von Barbara Stein

Through the solar system to the Oort Cloud

Miraculous journey with a comet

Barbara Stein
Ab 12 Jahren, Naturwissenschaften & Technik

Opening new doors is essential and knowledge of coherences, especially in the field of natural sciences is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Consequently, you indeed can't start to give children an insight into these worlds early enough.

In 6 volumes which are complementary and interrelated telling tales about adventures in the universe and showing the latest scientific findings, young readers and readers who are young at heart are encouraged to become enthusiastic about a world which, thanks to scientific progress, has become more recognisable in many ways.

In volume 3, MUFFI, MIFFI and little MUFFY, who are so small that people can hardly see them with their bare eyes, travel through the Solar System with their parents to their homeland on the land of the comets at a normal comet speed of 40 kilometres per second. In the Kuiper Belt they suddenly encounter the stone lice of the loriotis species LORILI, LORILA and LORILU, with whom remarkable things happen.