Remote Work & Online Etiquette

The Compact Guide to Professional Online Interaction

Barbara Zehnder, Daniel Senn
Business & Karriere

For some decades already, it has been pos-
sible to work remotely. Remote work was
discussed as the trend of the future. Today,
remote work is no longer a trend but the
new normal. In times of pandemic, for most of us working online, from home, in cafés and coworking spaces, across countries and continents has become the new standard.
In this situation, is online etiquette a must?
We certainly think so. Work from home will
remain with us, also after the pandemics. It
has advantages: it is location-independent,
implies less travel and saves time and re-
The following guidelines on online etiquette are meant as pieces of advice for your appearance on professional discussion platforms and in audio and video conferences as well as writing e-mails and short messages.