The Ultimate Guide To Supercharge The Modern Workplace

"From getting started to stepping up, organization leaders must steer the ship to enable their global workforce to operate more efficiently than ever before"

Bastian Lossen
Business & Karriere

The so called ‘new reality’ is here and it is here to stay. The ‘new normal’ is a reality with a mix of home, mobile, and classic office environment. We run a software and consulting house serving clients around the world and when the pandemic hit in 2020, we had to adjust quickly. In the beginning uncertainty about future was strong, and we had to change the way how we do business. Our consulting teams changed from 41% remote consulting to 98% remote consulting. And did not lose one client. On the software side, we have been lucky as our solution improves data collaboration in remote settings, we benefited winning new partners and clients.
Based on our own experience, many conversations within the team (yes, we also had to home school), with clients, partners and by an active sounding of the market we decided to put this
book together. What this book is not is a scientific review of work behavior and a description of productivity losses and gains. The book was planned as the ultimate practical guide to
navigate the Modern Workplace. The three chapters structure the book in a first part where we gather some facts and figures on the quick changes caused by the pandemic. In the second chapter we give helpful tips and advice on how to work remotely and finally we gathered ideas how to lead yourself and others within the ‘new reality’. We hope you enjoy the reading.