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Bernd Thommes

Dr. Bernd Thommes studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Coventry University, UK. Dr. Thommes wrote his diploma thesis at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India. He holds an MBA from the École des Ponts Business School, France, and a DBA from the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

He worked in various technical positions in Germany, France, the USA and South Korea. Dr. Mr. Thommes has held various C-level executive positions in multinational corporations in the areas of metal production and processing, manufacturing and supply chain, automotive and parts manufacturing, additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy, as well as senior organizations in the US, UK, France, Belgium, India, Sweden and Germany.



Book Trailer Digital Project Practice

The management of digital projects is an activity that requires a high level of professionalism and knowledge of appropriate tools and techniques. Decision-makers and practitioners should be well educated and always informed about new business ideas and have the latest methods in their ‘bag of tricks.’ Still, you might think that there are already many books and courses that aim to address this need. Why read another book in this domain?

We started this book project because we felt that many books about digital innovation and project management are either very theory-heavy, outdated, or just want to ‘sell’ a particular method. We wanted to prepare a book that introduces the methods, but also covers the practical aspect, critically acclaims existing approaches and practices, and shows the limitations. I.e., the book touches appropriate methods as well as human/social aspects. In fact, the human aspect is one of the running themes in this book. It also addresses issues that may not be covered by ‘classical or agile project management literature’. You can regard it as a contribution to the ongoing discussion on business practices and methods. It also aims to nourish and stimulate dialogue in the professional community.

More info at www.digital-project-practice.com