Thrive like an Artist

7 Great art career lessons learned from 1000 interviews with artists and art-businesses worldwide

Christin Marit, Misha Stoutenbeek
Business & Karriere

Because we believe in artists!
We conducted the most comprehensive research ever been done on making a living from art, using ‘crowd-wisdom’ methodologies. We interviewed more than 1,000 artists, creative-professionals and art-businesses worldwide and found amazing patterns you can benefit from. This vital book is here to help you unlock your greatest potential.

Stop working in the wrong way! Discover why some are successful, where others fail to reach their art goals.
This inspirational book offers 7 powerful art career lessons and is here to help you unlock your greatest potential!

1. Find your deepest purpose, and rebuild yourself based on it
2. How to develop a unique signature style, and be original
3. Know your audience, and where they are active
4. The key to being professional and reaching goals
5. Get noticed! Tell your story, stir conversation
6. Build relationships and sell an experience
7. Fostering the right mind-set

This short-read self-development book provides unique insights, full of inspiration and motivation (not a how-to). It is a non-native English publication (incl. unedited content).