"The Drum Dial" von Christoph T. M. Krause

The Drum Dial

The Forgotten Telephone Luminary of the Federal German Foundation Years

Christoph T. M. Krause

A journey back to a new beginning for Germany after Hour Zero. Siemens is trying to break new ground in design and technology with its telephone the "Drum Dial", which heralded a new future for telecommunications. But times were changing...


The Drum Dial

Christoph T. M. Krause lives in Cologne, Germany.
He is a passionate collector of old telephones. The Drum Dial has taken him by storm. Krause loves its design, colours, compact workmanship in its interior and most of all, its unusual way of dialling.
Almost all telephones of the 1950s are equipped with rotary dials, but Siemens broke new grounds with the Drum Dial. With the help of considerable background information and colourful images,
Krause presents the reason why this happened, if this new concept became successful, how long it worked and how the telephone is constructed inside.

Let yourself be swept away into a time that seems to be gone and forgotten.