"Young and Dirac - The Prophets of New Physics" von Claus Birkholz

Young and Dirac - The Prophets of New Physics

Are we prepared to face the new facts? - Physics Thriller

Claus Birkholz
Naturwissenschaften & Technik, Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten

A critical review of the »Standard« Models. A characteristic of New Physics is its hierarchic organisation in powers of 8 dimensions (Matryoshka principle) and its split into 2 channels.
According to Bell, this enables the coexistence of causality with entanglement, shows how visible matter with its non-valence parts condensed out of dark matter, explains the quark confinement and the asymptotic flatness of Eternal Inflation. The world formula unifies all forces of nature to a Grand Unified Theory and this GUT is combined with quantum gravity into a Theory of Everything (ToE). By reproducing the correct value of the fine-structure con-stant, weak interactions are shown to be a dipole effect.
A novel segregation between micro- and macrocosm explains the measuring process and the irreversibility of time. It demonstrates the logic gaps in Einstein’s General Relativity by quan-tising his curvilinear geometry (including virtual states, dark energy, etc.) thus generating a consistent black-hole physics without singularities.
For all that, A. Young and P. Dirac had provided the mathematical basics, while classical physics and Einstein had gone on isolating themselves in self-made deadlocks.