Talk less. Teach more! A nonverbal recipe book for talked-out teachers!

1684 tips and techniques to preserve your voice and your nerves in the classroom

Pearl Nitsche, Derrick Nitsche

This book is a reference work where teachers can quickly find ideas to deal with the challenges they face daily in their classrooms. It is a "recipe book" with tried and true solutions, for example, for getting a class's attention at the beginning of or during the lesson, getting chatting pupils and groups back on task, integrating outsiders into the group, dealing with disturbances and emotional outbursts and establishing discussion guidelines and classroom procedures. It consists of lists. Lists of simple ideas on, for example, how to deal with pupils who can't sit still, kids who always want to be first and students who get so carried away that they call out the answers rather than raising their hands.

It is a gold mine of ideas and it represents many years of classroom experience -ours and that of the participants in our seminars. There's lots of information in it for teachers in elementary, secondary and -with a bit of flexibility and a creative mind- in adult and tertiary education as well. This collection of tips, rituals, nonverbal signals, examples of short verbal input, symbols, pictures and sophisticated teaching techniques will help you to manage the classroom successfully while creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere in which learning can thrive and grow. You will save your voice and spare your nerves and you will create an atmosphere where you can do what you became a teacher to do - to teach!

This book is a practical supplement to the first book of the "Talk less. Teach more!" series:
"Nonverbal Classroom Management. Group strategies that work."