Germany after World War II

Two German states and their reunification

Egon Harings
Politik & Geschichte

The Second World War is over. Germany is just a field of rubble. The people have no accommodations. They live in ruins. So-called rubble-women provide for the first construction houses; their men are still in prisoner-of-war camps. Germany is occupied by Allied troops. Hunger is prevalent. Then the year 1949. Two German states emerge. Germany is divided and the eastern territories are under Polish and Russian administration. Millions of Germans are expelled from these territories. West Germany takes in most of the expellees. Then the economic miracle. The people in West Germany are doing well again. In 1990 the reunification. But Germany has to give up its eastern territories. -- This book reports on the history of Germany from the era of Konrad Adenauer to the great age of Angela Merkel. The reader learns about the founding of the European Union and its economic power today, too, and more.