"Germany and two World Wars" von Egon Harings

Germany and two World Wars

From the German Reich to the end of the Nazi regime

Egon Harings
Politik & Geschichte

The Austrian Archduke and his wife were killed in Sarajevo by a Bosnian Serb. This double murder led to Austria's declaration of war on Serbia. That, in turn, was one reason why Russia declared war on Austria, which in turn led Germany to declare war on Russia. Other states followed Russia and the First World War, the most gruesome war the world has ever experienced, began. In the end, Germany and Austria lost the war and had to give up big parts of their countries. The consequence was hunger and suffering of the own population. This, in turn, was the ideal breeding ground for the terror of the nationalist movement. Hitler comes to power. Austria became a part of the German Reich again. The country of the Sudeten was annexed and Hitler demanded more. It is the time of the Nazi rule. The world is facing a war again. -- We write 1 September 1939 and a new cruel wartime began. It's the Second World War with holocaust and gassing millions of Jews, as well as millions of victims worldwide. Germany loses this war. Now the German population itself could feel what the Nazis had done to others. It began with the great flight of millions of Germans from the territories that had been under German rule for centuries. Then followed the expulsion of millions of Germans from the eastern territories and the Czech Sudetenland. Millions had to live in the rubble caused by the war. Many were starving because there was not enough food for everyone.
Also about artists, scientists and inventors in the period from 1914 to 1945 is reported in this book.