Virtually Disastrous

What you really need to know about leadership across distance

Gary Thomas

How do you lead virtual teams to high performance?

Globalisation is here to stay – yet no one is really prepared. Many teams tasked with managing globalisation are clearly out of their depth. This is primarily because these teams work virtually and internationally over great distances. The team members no longer sit face to face in their offices, instead they communicate across countries and continents via modern communication media.

Leading a conventional team to top performance is difficult enough, not least because of the inevitable group dynamic involved. When the context becomes virtual, this all too often leads to management failure. This book describes the art of leading virtual teams in an entertaining style including practical tips, helpful suggestions, and numerous illustrative examples that span many industries and countries along the four core challenges of virtual team leadership today.

Gary Thomas is a trainer, consultant and managing director at assist International Human Resources, an internationally operating HR organisation based in Germany. As many of his clients are international organisations and corporations, he has been assisting intercultural and virtual teams and leaders for over 20 years to develop their full potential.