The Thing Which Fell From the Heavens

Gerd Maximovic
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Gerd Maximovic is one of the highest acclaimed SF-Writers of Germany today. In this volume, you find some of his finest stories, including the winner of the European SF Award, "The Red Crystal Planet". His stories have been published in Playboy and Omni and in a lot of anthologies as well as in six of his collections.
The title story, "The Thing Which Fell From the Heavens", has already met enthusiastic readers. In this story a monster is penetrating into Medieval Old Germany, causing havoc and much surprise and wonder. Or take "Rachel and Georges", where men and women can swap bodies, and then look what may happen... In other stories the well-known Frankenstein creature as well as Jack the Ripper are working. All of these characters are different from what you know about them till now.
All of these stories are of high literary quality, but always entertaining, even thrilling. You don't like to get bored? Neither does the author. Please mind, these stories are not only sheer entertainment, but in all of them you find a lot to think about.
Stephen Potts on one of the author's German collections: "An earnest, entertaining, often fascinating volume, deserving English translation."