Vision and Learning

- A guide for parents and professionals - How undiagnosed vision problems cause learning difficulties and what you can do to unlock your child´s academic potential

Heike Schuhmacher M.D.
Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe

Does your child struggle with reading and writing and cannot keep up in school? The school psychologist has attested to normal intelligence and visual tests confirm perfect eyesight? Nonetheless, your childs learning disability can be caused by undetected problems with visual functions and information processing. These disorders can not be diagnosed by routine visual acuity tests, yet have devastating effects on a child´s academic performance. Affected children face barriers in concentration, reading and spelling that limit their educational opportunities. They have difficulty focusing, their information processing speed is too slow, their brain is unable to adequately process visual or auditory perceptions. What are the underlying causes? What are the indicators to be aware of? And most importantly, what can you do to help your child A comprehensive analysis of visual brain functions is an essential first step. The good news is that vision is an acquired brain function, With Optometric Vision Therapy, children can train their visual functions, improve their ability to focus, their speed in reading and comprehension and their ability to “scan in” spelling details.

This book provides an accessible framework for parents, educators, and therapists and:
informs about the brain functions and connections between vision and learning;
explores the neurophysiological processes underlying our visual and auditory functions, the meaning behind terms like ”visual information processing” and “auditory information processing,” and the impact they have on our cognition, intelligence, concentration and overall ability to learn;
explains the typical symptoms of disorders of visual and auditory functions and processing, and why children with these conditions need therapy;
describes how such disorders can be diagnosed;
outlines why and how Optometric Vision Therapy works;
provides information about special needs and the necessary support and assistance in school