Quick Flora Mallorca

Your small wildflower guide for your holidays

Horst Mehlhorn

This book enables plant lovers to easily and quickly identify over 1,400 wildflowers and many other plants present on Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza as well as smaller islands of the Balearic Islands. Using a newly developed key, a simple table enables you to identify the page where an unknown plant can be identified without even opening the book. Within the book, the species can then be identified with only a few subsequent steps. The criteria for identification are chosen so that not only scientists but also users without botanical expertise can use the book. This is supported by more than 200 colour photographs that also give a good overview of the diversity of plants that can be found on the islands. Short descriptions of all species provide additional information about typical habitats where the plants can be found and the time of year when the plants are in flower. The small, compact format permits it to be taken along even on longer walks. This is even easier if used as an ebook which includes a multitude of hyperlinks for quick navigation.