Prism of Solitude

Introverts' Heaven

Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe

Prism of Solitude is a reflection on topics from Jenn Granneman’s fantastic book The Secret Lives of Introverts. Her work impresses with careful scientific research on introversion as well as personal stories, interviews and impressive numbers.

This book is not written from a scientific point of view. It describes the personal experiences of a family of introverts. There are so many different types of introversion in plentiful combinations. This makes it impossible to find general rules for everyone. Nonetheless, one might find one or the other helpful, even unusual technique of how to cope with awkward situations of an introvert.

Prism of Solitude intends to help in luring the matter of introversion out of its shadow in society. It wants to encourage introverts to stay true to their nature and to find the spiritedness to do what feels right.
This is also about recognizing that every aspect of the unique introverted nature is infinitely precious. Being an introvert does not mean to be at a disadvantage. On the contrary: therein lies the most valuable treasure life can provide us with. We just need to raise it.