Twin Flame Poetry

Treasury 5

Lyrik & Poesie

The Mystery Of A Twin Flame Reunion: The need of control… No matter how old we get, - there is still so much to learn in life. One of the hardest lessons, Isis and Osiris had to learn, was the one about control. Now, that they had found each other, it should have been easy to control the divine process of their Twin Flame reunion, or so they thought. Of course, the opposite happened. Controlling one’s own attitudes and activities is one thing, but there is a borderline, when it comes to the core of a Twin Soul connection.

In the beginning, it was hard to resist the temptation of wanting to know and controlling everything going on in each other’s lives. But these moments passed, when their true selves overcame the struggling ego. Thus, by leaving behind past behaviours, they broke patterns that did not fit anymore. Acceptance was the keyword, as well as unconditional, unwavering love, not just for the Twin, but for themselves and other people.

It was a kind of surrender, - ending in victory. In not just learning one’s own lessons, but embracing them as a natural and necessary process for the spirit’s development, Isis and Osiris became truly a unit. Still, they lived apart many a mile. Interestingly, it hurt less, because each had become aware of being an intrinsic part of the other one. In having learned to be patient and to trust each other and their destiny, they felt free and bonded at the same time. So, handing over the control to the Universe wasn’t that hard. Just try it yourself…