Twin Flame Poetry

Treasury 6

Lyrik & Poesie

The Mystery of a Twin Flame reunion: Mastering the dynamic …
Yes, Isis and Osiris had become a unit, but the next challenges awaited them. Trying to master the interesting dynamic of “give and take” was a complex process that at first was confusing. Like the two sides of a coin, they learned to recognize each other’s warning signs, emotions and signals. It was not easy to stay independent, yet to be connected at all times.
Isis and Osiris complemented each other with different interests, talents and preferences in a very special way. Sometimes, their mirrored and shared experience made it difficult to know who they belonged to. Cultivating understanding and love became vital. Making the most of these opposing forces, themselves as individuals and in duality of purpose, they learned to find common ground again and again. It felt like being gently guided for the highest good in a strengthening and inspiring way.
It was not always easy to live such an extremely intense relationship, especially over the distance. Despite the sense of wholeness, there was a permanent potential for conflict, which could only be mastered by embracing the yin yang duality that both parties contributed. That also showed in their continued exchange of poems like silver ribbons woven to ease the tension of being drawn into different directions. Once again, Isis and Osiris had turned their disadvantages into beautiful blossoms of the magical Twin Flower they had become…