Twin Flame Poetry

Treasury 2

Lyrik & Poesie

The Mystery Of A Twin Flame Reunion: Continued…

The Twin Flame poets Isis and Osiris are back with their next poetry book, the second in a series. Not even three months had passed, since Isis and Osiris found each other in the "Silent Room" of an ancient castle in Ireland.
Their relationship deepened despite a distance of 900 miles between them.
English was not the native language of Isis, but it improved during their extended talks. Neither Osiris nor Isis wrote poems of love before they met.
As Twin Souls, they interacted in every possible way. Very often, the words came unexpected, like revelations from another world and another time. Sometimes it seemed as if someone would be leading them, - teaching old ways of expression from a realm we have only access to when we love, really love.
Still fascinated by the Pre-Raphaelite time and its beautiful paintings, Isis and Osiris decided to adorn this book with more of them. It is amazing, how much tenderness, sobriety and love is emanating from those pieces of art, made long ago, - yet still capable of stirring our hearts. Of course, it is our own thoughts and feelings, reflected by them, - but still they might be the same the artists had, maybe their wishes and dreams intermingled.