Twin Flame Poetry

Treasury 3

Lyrik & Poesie

Four months after their reunion, Isis and Osiris experienced a very unusual
Christmas season. They thought that at first it would be a very sad one,
for they could not celebrate it together. Surprisingly, it turned out
to be the opposite of their expectations.

During the Advent time, they shared memories of their childhood days with each other.
Sitting alone on those Saturday evenings, the glow of candlelight was not a gloomy
but a heart-warming one. Contemplating the soft swaying flames, they
imagined being together, feeling the other one close while reading
their poems, knowing the other Twin Soul is doing the same.

Who would have guessed that this Twin Flame Love would bring them
such ardour and appreciation of the really important things in life?
Normally, an age difference of 22 years would be a serious obstacle,
especially if one of the partners is in the middle of his seventies.

Clearly evident is the revelation that it is all in our minds: the prejudices,
the memories and the experiences. Indeed, as soon as one realizes that our
spirit is immortal, the physical conditions are not that important anymore.
True Love is a connection of the spirits and the souls, - not the bodies.
That is why it works, and why this is a reunion for eternity.