Twin Flame Poetry

Treasury 4

Lyrik & Poesie

We tend to say that “time flew by”, but is it true? Maybe we are the ones, flying through the space-time continuum, or maybe that was what Isis and Osiris experienced with all their exchanged poems. Winter went on mercilessly. Still, they could not be together. Time had taught them patience, understanding even for their special situation. Grief and pain had been replaced by helping each other - not just to get through the day, but to celebrate every minute as precious.

Despite the raging seas between them, Isis and Osiris were able to strengthen their bond. Sorting out misunderstandings; letting go of old patterns; they built an invisible house of Poetry, while night and day their Sea of Love was gently “…lapping with low sounds by the shore”, as W. B. Yeats once put it so perfectly in his beautiful poem – The Lake Isle of Innisfree.

Isis and Osiris would not call themselves experts, when it comes to the phenomenon of Twin Flames, aside from their own unique connection. Not giving up though, they found ways to cope with the situation by not pining over things that cannot be: at least not yet. Modern techniques made it possible - what 100 years ago would have been just a fiction – to communicate over 900 miles in real time. Sometimes we tend to take these things for granted. To talk, while looking into each other’s eyes, seeing wisdom and pure eternal love reflecting back, made a big difference. So, their journey goes on…