Future Legends

Business in Hyper-Dynamic Markets

Janka Krings-Klebe, Joachim Heinz, Jörg Schreiner
Business & Karriere

Future markets will become hyper-dynamic – fueled by digital technology deeply intruding into the life of consumers and businesses. Hyper-dynamic markets challenge businesses to become radically more adaptable and innovative than they are today. This book gives business leaders a strategic blueprint to survive and profit in these times. It describes how to turn businesses into future legends.


"A Lifetime Opportunity for Entrepreneurs" | The Global Peter Drucker Forum features a thought leadership article outlining parts of the book FUTURE LEGENDS


"Future Legends" now listed as Thought Leadership Book in the Global Peter Drucker Forum

"Future Legends" is now shortlisted in the Thought Leadership section of the Global Peter Drucker Forum, among books from Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler and others.