German Companies in China

20 Years Business Experience of a General Manager

Jian-Ping Qin
Business & Karriere

The book "German companies in China" describes the business experience of a German company in China. The author was the general manager and founded the company and ran it for 20 years. Under his leadership, the Chinese subsidiary developed successfully and grew from small to large, from a sales company to an all-round company with around 300 employees, including almost all functional departments. There are approximately 8,000 German companies in China. Not all are successful for various reasons. The differences in the social system, economic system and market characteristics, culture and customs as well as company management between China and Germany have had a significant impact on the management of German companies in China. Most problems with different processes are due to a simple copy of the German processes in China, regardless of the difference in the living environment. The focus of this book is the adjustment of the management of German companies in China to the Chinese environment. The author personally accompanied the development of a German company in China for 20 years and experienced many good and bad things. In this book, the author wants to objectively analyse the general problems that arise in all processes and to make suggestions for improving the processes from his own experience. With this book, the author would like to offer a reference for German companies in China and open a window for those interested to understand the special features of the Chinese market.