"The ancient Gospel of the Essenes and its falsification" von johanne t.g. joan

The ancient Gospel of the Essenes and its falsification

Evidence of the authenticity of the Gospel of the Essenes and plagiarism of the New Testament

johanne t.g. joan
Religion & Spiritualität

This work is the product of seven years research based on historical documents that sets out to prove the authenticity and antiquity of the “Gospel of the Essenes,” which for 90 years has been considered by theologians a forgery, as the original manuscripts were lost.

Evidence is presented to show the “Gospel of the Essenes” to be the predecessor of the New Testament and thus about 2000 years old. The Essene Prophet introduced the model of a brotherhood in that era and viewed the concept of this brotherhood on a universal scale as the only way to create lasting peace in the world.