Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella's Shoe

Book also available in German.

Jordis Tumby
Ab 8 Jahren

Horrified eight-year-old Sammy has just learned that the family is about to leave London and move to another city. A catastrophe! Away from grandparents and friends? Why new friends and a new school anyway? The idea of the new and unfamiliar is terrifying.

Suddenly, Aunt Nova appears and sits down next to Sammy who observes the movers from a hidden place under a snow-covered oak tree. Nova tells the story of Maggy, called Mag, who had to move as well, even to a foreign country. Slowly but steady she draws Sammy into Mag’s world coming with big surprises.
This story begins with a stubborn ‘No!’. Will it end with a convinced ‘Yes’ ?

What connects a child in London with the city of Dresden and with Canada? What has a wizard to do with a blizzard?
How is it possible to sleep in the same room with whales without getting wet, and what the heck are 'pirate-mitts' Sammy is talking about?
Find it out in this funny, adventurous but also eye-opening story about facing the fear of changes.

Book available in Hardcover and Paperback, also in German.


Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella's Shoe