"A Chance of Rain" von Joshua G. J. Insole

A Chance of Rain

Short Horror & Sci-Fi Stories

Joshua G. J. Insole
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Over 40 tales of monsters, magic, mystery, and madness. From the real to the weird, from the traumatic to the hilarious. Includes three shortlisted works.

So, make yourself a cup of coffee or a pot of tea. Turn off the lights. Make sure you locked your front door. (Did you remember to latch it? Best check.) Wrap your hands around your mug. Wrap your blanket around your shoulders. Come, spend a while in the twisted corners of the human mind.

And always keep an eye on the shifting shadows. Sometimes, terrible things lurk in the darkness.


Redditch writer Joshua aims to set pulses racing with first book

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Over forty tales of monsters, magic, mystery, and madness, ranging from the horrifyingly real to the fantastically weird, from the soul-wrenchingly heartbreaking to the gut-bustingly hilarious — including three shortlisted works.