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Joy Dakinisun

Dear readers, my name is Joy Dakinisun. I was born in Germany, Hamburg. Childhood in the USA, now at home in the USA, Germany and Switzerland. Many roles in my life, many ups and downs, intensive experience, prepared me for the role of a personal intensive coach, energy therapist, author, BasicIncome activist and artist. I worked in several jobs and leading positions. Many relationships in business and private let me learn about my sensitivity and empathy and how to learn about the potential instead of seeing it as a burden. In these times of fundamental, evolutionary change in our lives and the world I see my purpose to serve people in helping them to reconnect with their inner stability and guidance. Together we connect timeless wisdom with spirit and new technologies to be an active part of finding new solutions for a new life story.
I am a future thinker and write to give leading edge knowledge and information into the world so that we know with what we can work after being aware of our old belief systems, old behaviors, our conditioned thinking. The knowing about new possibilities enables us to switch perspective and together choose a new life path. I invented the three day intensive coaching to let people feel that change is something exciting and mostly leads us into a much better life situation than before, if we stay positive. Life happens for us not to us.