The Vision behind Unconditional BasicIncome

Joy Dakinisun
Romanhafte Biografien, Romane & Erzählungen, Politik & Geschichte

#BasicIncome #UBI #BGE? What is “Universal Unconditional BasicIncome”? Are you a bit afraid when thinking about the future? The past is where we learned the lessons. Can UBI not only be a financial floor, but the floor for all of us to finally apply the lessons? What if we stop this unnatural behavior of forcing growth an instead giving time to the seeds to unfold and use this time to regenerate and prepare ourselves to be the solution? Based on years of research about UBI this story shows how a “Universal Unconditional BasicIncome”, monthly provided to the people in a decentralized way with the help of the new technology, can help to reconnect to timeless wisdom and finding long term solutions to master a fundamental change into a new life quality and framework for our life on earth. The wonderful people in this story invent the “YangCoin” as a global Cryptocurrency. They call it “Yang”Coin because the most timeless symbol for life is the “YinYangSymbol”. And what is missing in the life of most human beings? The “Yin”. The unconditional “YangCoin” can be the floor on which the “Yin” can thrive again. There are enough experts in the world who can make this possible. Most of the solutions are already there. This needs more people who know where we all want to go with UBI. It needs you to use the new knowledge to combine it with timeless wisdom to find a new life supporting way of living. Imagine UBI as a bridge into a natural change period. You will read about Tara and Nevio, a President and his family and friends, his team, and their journey from research, questioning, discussing to implementing UBI in their country. become an empowered participant in this evolutionary change we all are going through. This book is bridging generations. The past mistakes are meant to guide us, not to define us.