A broken life

In search of lost parents and lost happiness

Judence Kayitesi
Biografien & Erinnerungen

In 1994, the genocide against the Tutsi was taking place in the small central African country Rwanda: Approximately 1 million Tutsi were killed within 100 days, mostly in a bestial way. Judence, a Tutsi 11 years old at the time, experienced this bloody massacre and luckily survived. Only now, after many years, she can talk about the events of that time and come to terms with her past.

She courageously goes public with this book and describes in moving words her experiences, which touched her deeply, influenced and shaped her future life. For her to come to terms with the events, there can only be the path of understanding and forgiveness. However, “I cannot forgive as if nothing had happened. That is not possible. I therefore leave it behind me”, is her emphatic message.

The book ends with an appeal to all genocide survivors to continue documenting the story of the genocide against the Tutsi so that it will be a lesson for future generations.


Anti-genocide activist urges Germany to criminalize denial of Tutsi Genocide

„“It is not ethnic conflict, it is not a civil war,” but rather, Kayitesi said, “What happened is the Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.”“
Judence Kayitesi, a Genocide survivor residing in Germany has called on the German government to criminalize the denial of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, as part of the efforts to strengthen the battle against Genocide ideology.
Quelle: The New Times

Kayitesi releases English translation of her book on memories of Genocide against Tutsi

Originally published in German language in November 2019, the book which is titled “Ein Zerbrochenes Leben” recollects horrible memories of the dark times Kayitesi and her two brothers endured.
Quelle: IGIHE Limited

Genocide survivor seeks to expose deniers in new book

Judence Kayitesi was happy to give The New Times, located in Rwanda, an interview about her new book translatet from German to English. The article was published exactly at the day of twenty seventh anniversary of the cut she got by a machete on her head.
Quelle: The New Times



Book: A Broken Life - Judence Kayitesi

Judence Kayitesi explains the reason why she writes the book, how she survived, how it should help other victims and how it helped her to proceed her own life.