"Downhill" von Karlheinz Moll


Whatever It Takes

Karlheinz Moll
Krimis & Thriller

A real estate developer with designs on a prime property on the hills of Kitzbühel gets shot skiing downhill and the stepson of a politician running for Senate is unexpectedly killed in the mountains of Arizona. A mysterious organization calling itself ´The Green Hand´ claims responsibility for both incidents.

BKA operative Alexander Granger and his colleague and girlfriend, Interpol agent Cynthia Yeow, are asked to support the investigation. Both are in Kitzbühel for a short skiing vacation taking a break from major cases.

Alexander is investigating a case of stolen guns and military equipment disappearing from a military compound in Afghanistan while Cynthia is looking into a wide-ranging case of human trafficking involving young women from Russia.

Alexander´s friend from Montana, Sam Caffey, had been hired by the politician´s stepson to find out something about the past. When Sam seems to have succeeded someone tries to kill him.

Alexander and Cynthia follow the trail of ´The Green Hand´ which leads them to Munich and London. Their path to identify those behind the murders is filled with death and tragedy.