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Kathrin Köster

Diversity is a common theme in Kathrin Köster’s life. She studied multiple disciplines: Economics, Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies in Germany, Taiwan and Japan. She received her doctorate in a multidisciplinary subject focusing on organizational change in Japan. Kathrin has working experience in both, the private and public sector. As a manager of a global Japanese corporation she has built bridges between the East and West in East Asia, Europe and North America. She shared her international and intercultural management expertise as an honorary visiting professor of the School of Management of Bradford University (UK). As a leadership professor and Vice President for Life Long Learning of Heilbronn University (Germany) she introduced innovative ways of teaching and learning in international business and part-time engineering programmes. For Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Austria) she developed the holistic leadership program ‘The Pioneers of the 21st Century’. As founder of Köster + Partner, she supports purposed-based organizations with sustainable growth. In her social business, the Joy Academy, she engages in leadership development with focus on awareness building.