"A Guide to: "Loving Myself and Beyond"" von M. C. Wilden

A Guide to: "Loving Myself and Beyond"

With 31 Lessons and 10 "Easy-to-Follow" steps- for a happier and healthier life

M. C. Wilden
Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe

"Loving myself" may or may not come to us to us as a "birthright", however, if we have not received the warmth and tenderness, the care and nurturing feelings which all foster the notion of love and self love in our childhood, then we may have no idea how to love ourselves or give love to others.
Many unloving events in the Past suggest that the people "behind the scene" who are responsible for these deeds, did not act out of a loving attitude....but rather out of their inner "survival mode" that generally places so much on the lack of things ....
It must therefore be concluded that conflicts, war, terror and the destruction of the environment will only cease to exist when people learn to love themselves first and others in the process....the lessons and steps in this book want to serve as a very practical Guide to "Loving Myself and Beyond".