NO LOVE, The Causes and Causal Resolution of Narcissism and Altruism


Marion Kohn, Nina Kohn
Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe, Fachbücher

A Chance for Change.
Up to now, the reasons why egoism is increasingly permeating and characterizing our society have gone unrecognized. We often hear that we live in an egoistic, narcissistic society and belong to a “generation incapable of relationships.”
Many people suffer from this, they suppress their feelings, because they are afraid of intimacy and getting hurt. They experience sex and love as separate from one another, have difficulties with empathy, responsibility and commitment, or always have to be the center of attention. Many belittle others and are fixated solely on money and power. In contrast, others often feel like they are the victim and they find taking care of themselves difficult. Find out why you are the way you are and what you can do to change it.
In this book, you will find the results of Marion Kohn’s five-year, root cause analysis explained in a way everyone can understand.
This book contains a revolutionary discovery. For the first time, it describes the causality leading to the emergence of narcissistic and altruistic behavior patterns – and how this behavior can be resolved.
These personality changes affect all of us. We are all responsible for ourselves and our actions, for our interpersonal relationships, the way we raise our children and how we interact with our fellow human beings in both our personal and professional lives.
With its sound theoretical framework and numerous case examples, this book gives you the chance to affect deep and lasting positive change in your personality.
By resolving your narcissistic and altruistic behavior patterns, you create the foundation for being capable of relationships and thus, improving all your interpersonal relationships. With it, you will nurture the love and empathy you have for yourself and your fellow man. This leads to greater personal well-being and success in many areas of your life as well as to benefits for our society as a whole.