Letting Go for Leaders

More Responsibility for Employees

Markus Jotzo
Business & Karriere

Markus Jotzo:
Letting Go for Leaders.

Independent and creative employees who practically run the company on their own while the boss withdraws from the operative business and concentrates fully on his management tasks? That's every manager's dream. But how exactly does this work?

If you want to win the game, you have to play ball. This is a principle that applies not just to team sports, but even more so to leadership.

Here is the formula:
- Let go
- Trust people to do great things
- Delegate
- Have a clear head
- Achieve top performance

Because you can only get the best out of your employees if you challenge them and let them do their job. This benefits not only you, but also the company.

Markus Jotzo knows from his own experience how employees become co-entrepreneurs. In his book Letting Go for Leaders, he shows you that employee responsibility does not have to remain a pipe dream. Step by step, he explains how to hold your people accountable and thereby create freedom for yourself. You receive tangible tools and proven strategies that you can directly implement day after day. Keep the tips in mind and you will be less and less concerned with dealing with emergencies and more and more focused on the long-term important things.