Workbook of Medical Devices, Engineering and Technology

Basic Concepts and Applications in Medical Physics, Engineering and Science

Michael Thoms
Naturwissenschaften & Technik

This workbook provides exercises and corresponding solutions to several subjects in medical technology and engineering. Thereby the reader can learn how to solve problems in this field by means of mathematical formulas and calculations. In order to provide a better understanding, the physical background for the solutions is shortly explained.
The workbook covers excercises on the following topics:
• Interaction of X-rays with matter
• X-ray tubes
• X-ray dosimetry
• X-ray statistics
• Ultrasound waves
• Ultrasound scanner
• Dipole fields in electrocardiography
• Electrocardiography instrumentation
• Interaction of laser light with matter
• Application of laser radiation
• Pulse oxymetry
• High-frequency surgery
• Computed radiography (CR)
• Image reconstruction in computed tomography
• CT scanner
• Nuclear magnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
• Nuclear medical imaging, radionuclides and instrumentation
• Binary classification and Receiver operator characteristic curves
• Modulation transfer function in imaging
• Detective quantum efficiency