Vecnyje zakony

Novoe pokolenije

Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
Religion & Spiritualität

The book Eternal Laws – New Mankind (Vecnyje zakony - Novoe pokolenije) is being published this year (2017) in translation into Russian as the first part of the Eternal Laws trilogy.
Why is it necessary to know the Eternal Laws? How are they expressed in the material and immaterial forms of life? Did you know that we are currently in a period of “World Judgement and Great Purification? What should a person imagine by these ideas? Do you have any similar questions? If yes, you’ll find the answers inside. This book is an invaluable gift to humanity and will help you understand the current chaos in the world. With knowledge you will be able to pass through life unharmed by impending revolutionary changes that will affect each of us. It is the knowing and understanding of associations that is the foundation of the spiritual transformation of man. Without this you will struggle to understand current world events, your own fate and the fulfilment of God’s promise.
The book Eternal Laws - New Mankind, with its simple and logical construction, provides a cohesive picture of Universe and humanity; it familiarizes the perceptive reader with eternal laws, working evenly and unwaveringly throughout Creation, with the principal power, penetrating Universe, with the composition of the material and immaterial worlds, as well as with the highest source itself, from which the whole of life springs. Thanks to the discovery and naming of negative influences that lead a seeking humanity along the wrong path, the book will lead the reader to freedom from their misguided opinions and pointless suffering. Last but not least, it will lead the reader to the main source of knowledge from which the author herself drew. This source remains unknown and misunderstood to contemporary people fully absorbed by earthly cares. The role of the author was to make it accessible to us in a new, easier form.