"Intelligence in the Classroom - Reach them to teach them" von Pearl Nitsche

Intelligence in the Classroom - Reach them to teach them

Pearl Nitsche

In this book you will learn about Kilian Kinesthetic, August Auditory and Viola Visual, their learning styles and behavior types. When we recognize and understand our students' learning types, learning strategies and behavior patterns, we can reach them and establish rapport. Then we can use the mul-titude of practical tips and nonverbal techniques contained in this book to pick up our students and motivate them. In other words

We can reach them to teach them!

The contents of this book represent a guide for teachers and trainers of any age group, school level and type of school. It offers a bit of theory and a wide range of practical tools, tips, and techniques that promote respectful classroom interactions and learning.

It is a valuable companion to the first book in this series:

"Nonverbal Classroom Management.
Strategies from the Field for the Group."