"THE SELF-DISCIPLINING CLASSROOM - Win-Win Strategies" von Pearl Nitsche


Pearl Nitsche
Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe

The recipe for success:
A classroom that disciplines itself?
Is there such a thing?

Yes, there is.
Two ingredients are needed for successful, peaceful and self-regulating classroom management.

The first is on the relationship level.
Each of us has the same basic need: to be accepted and valued as the person we are.
When your students sense that you truly like and accept them, you are well on your way to achieving a self-disciplined classroom.

The second vital ingredient is structure.
Rituals, boundaries and structured routines provide a sense of security in the classroom. Something our students crave.

When we are systematic, reliable and fair while letting our students know that we respect and appreciate them for their contributions to the team, they begin to take on responsibility for the team's and their own success. The goal of a self-disciplining classroom has been achieved!

This book offers a blueprint and solutions that will allow you to do what you actually became a teacher to do – to teach. And to enjoy every minute of it!