Dental Resins - Material Science & Technology

Basic Level

Ralf Janda
Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten

Dental Resins
Material Science & Technology
Basic Version
Resin materials are broadly used in dentistry for almost all indications and they will gain even more importance in future. Especially the increasing performance and efficiency of the CAD/CAM technology and 3D-printing open possibilities to use resins not used up to now in dentistry. Besides of dentists, dental students or dental technicians there are many other specialists such as researchers, material scientists, industrial developers or experts of adjoining professional disciplines who are technically engaged in dental resins.
The idea of this ebook is to present a three-level textbook dealing with material science and technology of dental resins. This book presents the basic level version. The basic level addresses students, teachers or all those interested in dental resins. The basic level gives a comprehensive insight into chemistry, physical and toxicological properties of dental resins and their technical application.
The advanced level will broaden the information of the basic level and the expert level will give a very deep insight into the science of dental resins. Both of these versions are in preparation.