The girl with nine toes

A story about personal growth

Ray Wilkins
Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe

Many people have forgotten how it feels to lie down in newly mown grass, beneath the sun, listening to the birds singing and the other soothing sounds of life. We have lost contact to ourselves, to our emotions and to our spirit. This is a story about people finding their way back into the awareness of feeling whole. It is a story about waking up and having the courage to look at life from the inside of the heart. How often do you think back to the past and think “if only I had done that differently!„ Sometimes with regret. Sometimes with sadness and sometimes, even with a feeling of hopelessness.This is a tale about a man who chose to change his way of living. No easy decision for anyone, especially when it means swimming against the current but, what was that saying? Only dead fish swim with the current. I hope that you, the reader will enjoy reading this book and also feel moved to make a change, because I believe that everybody has the power to make a change in his or her lives. Just ask yourself–what will change in the future if I do this differently?
This is a book not only concerning personal growth, but also a message to all World leaders. A love story. A fantasy. A provocation.