The End of the World Mafia

original Title Das Ende der Weltmafia

Rolf Nagel
Krimis & Thriller

This novel describes the end of the international Mafia in 2020 and the story of a middle-class bank employee who - due to an intrigue - became the right-hand man of the Sicilian Mafia’s supreme boss.

The author worked several decades as top manager in the international world of finance. As CEO of one of the first German risk capital firms that spoke out in favor of companies in the software world, he later gained deep insight into the financial flow of globally active equity investment banks.

It was inevitable and almost compulsory that he met dubious characters during such transactions. It must be said though that it is highly advisable not to get entangled personally in this shadow world.





Change to the international Market

The End of the World Mafia with the origina title germany Das Ende der Weltmafia. Has been change to the international market USA, Canadian and great Britain with i new ISBN and cheeper prices.