Rudolph T. Rave
Film, Kunst & Kultur

This is the place where you can read short-stories spiced up with many unpublished pictures and illustrations from holli's fanzine reporter life. His stories from back in the day featuring all the stars and aspiring little stars of the heavy metal scene in the early 90's will make you feel like being captured in a time-warp, where facebook, youtube, and most important: the internet, were nonexistent, the were swimming around in daddie's nutsack!!!

Holli had em all in front of his lens: MOTÖRHEAD, MEGADETH, GAMMA RAY, VENOM and countless others.

Shrivel in agony when you read his adventures of saving blood-cans or how he almost tasted the iron fist of MOTÖRHEAD.

It doesn't matter where you are: either in your rancid mattress at home, or caught in a tent, surrounded by mud at the Wacken Open Air, or any other really creepy experience you will have in your life as a heavy metal fan-this is a must read and your lecture of choice.