Tracking the Transition

The Path From Quasi-civilian Rule to Fully Fledged Democracy

Sai Wansai
Politik & Geschichte

“SAI Wansai is an astute Shan political analyst, who has written extensively on Myanmar’s ethnic conflict and political situation. His new book, Tracking the Transition: The Path from Quasi-civilian Rule to Fully Fledged Democracy, brings together his most important articles, and for the first time makes these available to a wider audience. As he points out, after decades of civil war and military rule, there is still a long way to go before ethnic conflict can be solved in Myanmar. Sai Wansai’s clear writing provides an excellent guide to navigate through Myanmar’s complicated political process to achieve peace and reconciliation. He explains the history of the conflict and conflict dynamics in Myanmar, the key grievances and aspirations of the country’s ethnic nationalities, the conceptual differences among the key stakeholders, and he points towards possible solutions. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand ethnic conflict and the current political reform process in Myanmar.”
Tom Kramer, Transnational Institute (TNI)